Senior Scapes Believes

SeniorScapes Inc is committed to
helping seniors Thrive-In-Place by
creating accessible and engaging
habitats that enable older adults to
remain in their own homes and
communities. We are committed to…
Changing the Landscape of Aging

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Our Mission

We create landscapes where seniors can thrive.

Our Goal

To provide simulating, engaging environments where aging adults have the opportunity to play, socialize, and exercise in their own communities.

We Want

To do good things in the world.

The Plan

SeniorScapes Inc. will do this by fostering public/private partnerships with municipalities, and engage communities in discussions that foster focused, collaborative efforts to provide public park space and programming geared toward older adults.

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Here is a little bio
Sue Paul
Executive Director

I am Sue Paul, and thank you for visiting this site.

SeniorScapes, Inc. has been a journey of love and compassion for the aging community, and a satisfying scratch to an itch that got under my skin long ago.

I have been an occupational therapist for more years than I have not been an occupational therapist, which is to say, most of my adult life. And during this long and rewarding career, I have danced around the limitations of my role.

The stuff that warms my heart has been easy. I have rehabilitated countless older adults back into function. I have strengthened and modified and compensated and remediated. They’ve created goals and I’ve helped them reach them. When it has worked, it’s been magic.

The tougher moments have been the setbacks- the illnesses, the falls, the fractures, the confusion, the sadness, the isolation… these are the toils of aging. And what’s even tougher is that it all seems just a tad bit unnecessary.

So many lifestyle diseases are preventable and treatable. Arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and depression would have a much smaller impact on older adults if we gave them just three things… the opportunity to move, to think, and to feel.

SeniorScapes, Inc. is providing that opportunity.

SeniorScapes, Inc, is about empowerment. It is about providing spaces that are healing, invigorating, and accessible. It is about welcoming people of all abilities into a space that allows them to engage as best they can. It’s about creating environments that are beautiful and textured and rich in sensory input. It is about providing graded challenges and novel opportunities. It is about physical fitness and brain health. It is about socialization and an improved sense of self.

It is about honoring a caregiver with some shade, a bench, and a book... and peace of mind.

I write quite a bit on topics of aging on my website

Thank you for visiting our site.  We are so grateful for your support.

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