Senior Scapes Believes

SeniorScapes Inc is committed to
helping seniors Thrive-In-Place by
creating accessible and engaging
habitats that enable older adults to
remain in their own homes and
communities. We are committed to…
Changing the Landscape of Aging

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Our Mission

SeniorScapes Inc. is committed to helping aging Americans thrive in their homes and communities.  We believe that physical activity, socialization, interaction with nature, cognitive stimulation, and caregiver respite are key tools for successful aging.  SeniorScapes Inc. creates public spaces and programs that enrich the lives of both the healthy and impaired older adult.

Our Goal

Your goal? To give our older generation the best possible life.  Ours? To bring  the best possible resources to the older generation.

We Want

SeniorScapes Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to the health and wellness of older adults, providing opportunities to engage in physical and cognitive activities through accessible public parks and adapted fitness programs

The Plan

SeniorScapes Inc. will do this by fostering public/private partnerships with municipalities, and engage communities in discussions that foster focused, collaborative efforts to provide public park space and programming geared toward older adults.

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Sue Paul

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